All features for your elearning courses and your Online-Academy


Course progress

Students can view their learning status any time, i.e. which pages are finished and their test results.


After full completion of the course the student will automatically be issued a course certificate. The certificate can be downloaded and printed.


Exchanges between the students or questions directed to the teachers take place in the discussion boards directly within the course pages.

Profile page

Every student has a profile page that they can individualize. Here they can introduce themselves and present their current courses.

Course overview

Every course has an informative overview page. This contains upcoming deadlines, current comments, contents and students overview.

Multiple Choice Tests

MCQ-Tasks allow students to check the status of their knowledge. This can be repeated until they pass the test.


Course can be made more attractive and motivational with the use of multimedia content such as videos, audio and slideshows.



As a teacher of a course you have the ability to set deadlines to certain pages of the course. So you can define a timeline to proceed through the course.


Share information easily with the newsletter function. So you can reach all students of the course and also inform via email.

Teacher administration

More than one teacher can be assigned to each course, those with specific access permissions. i.e. editing of course materials.


In order to receive feedback from students you have the possibility to create surveys. The students can participate anonymously and the teacher receives an detailed evaluation.

Authoring tools

The use of authoring tools makes the design of courses simple. Every course page can be built as you wish using texts, multimedia contents, quizzes, surveys, downloads and discussions.

Student administration

Using the student administration tools you can see the progress of individual students. New students can be added or invited to the course via email-address.

Selling courses

You can sell your valuable courses using a public academy. Simply set a course price.

The technical details of the payment process will be completed by Nickels5. You will receive the payment amount minus the transaction fee.


Manage and invite users

To add a user to the Online-Academy provide the email-address and the user will be invited to join the Academy.


Define which users are administrators of the academy and assign access permissions, like user or course management.

Analytics Code

For a more in-depth look into the usage of the academy you may insert analytics code according to your analytics provider, like Google Analytics.


Use newsletter to market your course offering. Select specific target groups on the basis of current courses being conducted.

Advertise for example a new Business-English-Course with a newsletter to all users that have successfully completed an English-Beginners-Course.



You would like to customize the terms such as teacher, student or academy according to your preferences. That is no problem!

All texts and labels of the web pages can be adjusted in different languages.

Own domain

Your Online-Academy is available under the domain academy-title.nickels5.com. Give a professional impression of your product or company by using your own domain name.


Customize the design of your Online-Academy. Define colors and upload your own photos.

Academy setup

Your Online-Academy consist of different building blocks, for example contact form, course and teacher overview panel. Decide which building blocks are activated, public or only for logged in users visible.

Mail templates

The content from Nickels5 notification emails can be adjusted.


Secure connection through SSL-Encryption
Course overview page with teachers and table of contents
Multiple language user interface and notification emails
Mobile app
Whitelabel product, with no references to Nickels5

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